Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Maximizing Performance of Your Solar Panel

Do you know how much dust accumulates on your solar panel over time? Not to talk of the leaves and bird dungs settling on it. Having any of these things on the surface greatly reduces the amount of sunlight it receives, thus reducing its output. If your solar panel is not very much tilted, do not even depend on rain to wash the dirt off. The water will only sit, evaporate, and leave grime behind!

And neither does soap water do the job. Remember how your window looks after cleaning with soap?The soap water leaves a film coating, which further allows dirt to rest and accumulate quickly. Ultimately, the output of your system is hampered. How bad this would be for your solar electric system like you never even cleaned it!

We use the highest quality solar panel cleaner, deionized water, and a rotating brush. Deionized water is the best cleanser for your solar panels. It contains no strong ions that leave a residue as soap water does. Using deionized water leaves your panel spot less and dust-free for a longer period of time! We climb on to your roof and carry out the cleaning with an extended pole. A brush specially designed for the glass surface is attached to the pole.

While professionally cleaning your solar panel, we will also carry out the following services for FREE:

Checking the glass for cracks (which can be caused by birds and rodents).

Checking the frame for damage and corrosion.

Checking to see if the installation is still properly fixed to the roof since wears can occur over time.

Recommend repairs / maintenance if any significant issue is observed.

Shielding Your Solar System against Pests

Shielding Your Solar System against Pests

Those little scampering guys easily find the bottom of your solar system a wonderful playground! And when the squirrels and mice get underneath your panel, what do you think happens to your wires? Brilliant guess! Food for the rodents!

Animals such as squirrels and pigeons are arising concern for solar panel users as they can cause grave damages to the overall system. When wires get chopped off, leading to damaged appliances, imagine how much you would be spending for repairs.
To prevent all that trouble, we provide barriers around your solar electric system to prevent:

  • Rodents from accessing the wires and chewing them off, which sometimes leads to fire outbreak.
  • Leaves and other materials from depositing under your device.
  • Pigeons from accessing the panel's underside. These birds are known for nesting underneath solar panels. This potentially degrades your device.
While offering protective coverage, our protective barriers provide aesthetics to your roofing and solar installation. Having those wires lying about on your roof top may not be too sightly from afar. Get a durable, attractive barrier that shields your solar system all year round.

Reducing Your Expenses through Our Routine Maintenance Plan

Drastically reduce the cost of your solar panel cleaning by grabbing any of our three maintenance packages. We offer incredible discounts when you opt for our:

Quarterly Solar Panel Cleaning

The more frequently you clean your solar panel, the more power output you get from it! With our four-times-a-year cleaning package, you get the greatest output for the lowest cost

Triannual Solar Panel cleaning

We clean your solar panel a good three times a year, allowing only minimal reduction in output.

Biannual Solar Panel Cleaning

For a discounted price, let us give you that spanking clean solar system that keeps those kilo watts pumping all year round