Bringing unparalleled solar panel cleaning to all homes in Palm Springs, CA

Solar Clean has conducted unparalleled solar panel cleaning all over California. We bring our solar panel cleaning to your homes. Do not let such an investment as expensive as a solar electric system get damaged trying to do DIY cleaning, get the most out of your investment by hiring highly-skilled professionals!

Getting your solar panel cleaned multiple times annually guarantees it is running at its best. A dirt coated solar panel can drop up-to 5% of its maximum output! That implies that you maybe losing up-to 5% of your intended cost savings on electricity bills.

But that is if you live in a residential area with minimal dust and debris. If you reside close to a farm, industrial, or high traffic area where there is a considerable amount of dust, grease, and sootflying about, the coating deposited on your solar panel can shrink the output of your panel by up-to 20 percent! It gets so coated that only minimal sunlight passes through.

Many people install solar electric systems in their homes and totally forget the panels. They never think of cleaning it from time to time, falsely thinking it was designed to withstand dust or that the rain would always do the cleaning. But does it rain all year?And how much tilted is the panel for rain water to do much cleansing?

If there's not enough tilt, the rain water will not flow across the surface with enough force to wash off the dirt that has set firmly on the glass over time.

Get Back Your 20% Energy!

Look at it, the reason you installed your solar panel was to avoid paying so much on electricity. But now there are no-cost savings since you're losing 5-20% power output.

You notice you are no longer getting enough power like when you first installed it. Why? Your solar panel needs cleaning! Or wait! It could be that the underside of your solar panel is creeping with pests! Rodents may eat up your wires, leading to circuit breaks and fire, while pigeon nests also constitute a negative impact. We will provide a protective barrier around your home's solar panel to bar access against these innocent-looking yet harmful animals.

Budget-Friendly Solar Panel Cleaning, Lower Cost, Maximum Output!

Budget-Friendly Solar Panel Cleaning, Lower Cost, Maximum Output!

With our solar panel cleaning service comes a free inspection package. Yes, completely FREE! For no extra cost, we will carry our inspection for the following:

Checking the glass for cracks (which can be caused by birds and rodents)
Checking the frame for damage and corrosion.

Checking to see if the installation is still properly fixed to the roof since wears can occur overtime.
Recommend repairs / maintenance if any significant issue is observed.
If there's any significant challenge, we inform you and recommend the appropriate steps to take.
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The reason you installed a solar electric system in your home was to reduce how much you spend on electric bills. Now you are generating your own eco-friendly energy at a lower cost. It is, therefore important that you do all you can to keep the maximum wattage popping all year round in other to maximize your returns. If you are not getting the maximum yield, then you are virtually wasting money. Leaving your solar panel uncleaned for months reduces the efficiency due to the dirt coatings preventing maximum sunlight from entering.

Google experimented with their solar systems at their solar farm in Mountain View, CA.They got a staggering 36% increase in energy output. In the end, they admitted that "Cleaning these solar panels is the #1 way to maximize the energy they produce".

Some experts say cleaning your solar panel increases its output is about 5% on average. The percentage increases with the industrialization, rainfall, and air pollution of the residential. This means in a state like California, you just can't do without solar panel cleaning.For a place like California, experts recommend cleaning your solar panel at least twice a year to keep enjoying the maximum returns on your solar energy investment

How often does it rain in California? Just about 1 out of 10 days! And more of ten than not, the rains are not as heavy as required to wash away those trapped dirt. So you would be hoping against hope for the rain to tidy up your solar panel for you. But then again, do you notice how your initially dust-laden windshield looks just after a rainfall?Without motion of the wipers, how clean does the glass appear when the rain dries off? Yes, grimy!
Rain fall in California is not expected to give that spotless clean your solar panel deserves to function maximally. And if your solar panel is horizontal, totally ignore the rain. It has to be at a great angle for the rain to even have any cleansing effect. When horizontal, the rain droplets sit, evaporate, and then leave the dust upon the panel. The grime and dust coating the surface prevents sufficient sunlight from coming in, thus reducing output. Do not limit the potential of your panel. Get maximum energy in your home by getting your solar panel professionally cleaned. According to Maehlum, "Solar panels that were cleaned professionally had a 12% higher output of electricity compared to those cleaned by rain."

Want that 12%?