About Us

Who We Are

Solar Clean is your #1 solar panel cleaning company in California. Based in Palm Springs, CA, we provide commercial and residential solar panel cleaning, solar panel shielding, and routine maintenance.
Helping you get the most out of your solar energy investment is our priority . So we offer budget friendly solar panel cleaning that increases the output of your solar panel. This means more energy for you and more returns on your investment.

Our History

We started in Palm Springs, CA, just cleaning solar panels with water and brush for home owners. Initially, we thought we were only just getting rid of the dust. But then, these home owners began to notice significant changes in the electrical output of their solar panels just after we have cleaned them. How marvelous that was! And then, we discovered how using deionized water without soap greatly improved the outcome of the cleaning, leaving absolutely no residue on the surface as soap water does. And then we knew we were going global! We began to clean not only residential solar panels but commercial as well,thus significantly boosting the productivity of large industries in California. We began impacting the lives of several solar panel investors with our outstanding cleaning process.

Our Process

Solar Clean is 100% licensed, insured, and dedicated to offering you the best value out of your solar investment. We understand how big you must have invested in to your solar electric system, whether for your home or company, and it is never proper that you get just a fraction of what you are supposed to get.

Having dust,soap, and hard water film coating your panel only serves to limit its energy output. We believe in quality service, and so instead of using just soap and tap water, we use special deionized filtered water and a specially designed cleaning apparatus to make sure your device is spanking clean and functioning at full capacity